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BE SAFE! READ OUR 100% POSITIVE FEEDBACK AND JOIN OUR 355 FOLLOWERS ON EBAY!Nous parlons aussi le français ! МЫ ГОВОРИМ ПО-РУССКИ ! WORLDWIDE SHIPPING NO RISK BUYING FROM AN ESTABLISHED SELLER WHO HAS SOLD WORLDWIDE OVER 780 WATCHES ON EBAY FROM THE ELITE SWISS HOUSES! Welcome Vintage Watch Lovers… _____________________________________________________________________ WOW…What a Knockout!! HAPPY

BE SAFE! READ OUR 100% POSITIVE FEEDBACK AND JOIN OUR 355 FOLLOWERS ON EBAY!Nous parlons aussi le français ! МЫ ГОВОРИМ ПО-РУССКИ ! WORLDWIDE SHIPPING NO RISK BUYING FROM AN ESTABLISHED SELLER WHO HAS SOLD WORLDWIDE OVER 780 WATCHES ON EBAY FROM THE ELITE SWISS HOUSES! Welcome Vintage Watch Lovers… _____________________________________________________________________ WOW…What a Knockout!! HAPPY BIDDING RARE JAEGER LECOULTRE AUTOMATIC IN S.STEEL WITH EUROPEAN FULL JAEGER LECOULTRE SIGNATURE MINT ORIGINAL DIAL, AUTO BUMPER JLC CALIBRE P813 — For the Serious Jaeger LeCoultre Collectors — PROPERLY SERVICED: This European Jaeger LeCoultre with automatic bumper calibre P813 has been fully inspected and serviced in house on February 2016. All watches are checked by our master watchmaker, this ensures they are serviced with the utmost care and attention to detail. It winds and sets smoothly and is keeping good time. This is a great opportunity for any and all vintage watch collectors to step up to a rare European Jaeger LeCoultre automatic watch, with mint untouched dial, made of stainless steel, original in every detail, and find out what the mystique is all about… This beautiful stainless steel gentleman’s Jaeger LeCoultre bumper automatic is one of the most charming and best preserved vintage watches for sale on our website this holiday season. Made by Jaeger LeCoultre in 1958, this watch is very evocative of its era and an item that is extremely in vogue at the present time. With a width of 35mm not counting the winding crown, this watch is significantly bigger than others from the vintage era. Jaeger LeCoultre is among the most respected of vintage wristwatch brands and widely sought after by purist collectors, particularly in early automatic format. The company was founded in Vallee de Joux in 1833 and has manufactured its movements entirely in house since this time, a remarkable feat that has only been achieved by a tiny handful of other top Swiss luxury houses. In so many ways, Jaeger LeCoultre watches are now seen as something of a connoisseur’s choice and tend to be collected by those with an understanding of movement architecture and precision finishing techniques. We would certainly argue endlessly that the movement quality present in these older watches certainly justifies their high price levels and, as more of the buying public become educated as to what constitutes a hand built, high quality movement, the value of these classic Jaeger LeCoultre pieces rises steadily year after year Interestingly, despite its hallowed status and seemingly unlimited credibility, the success of the company has been largely established as a result of perfecting the ideas of others rather than pioneering new movement complications itself. Unquestionably, Jaeger LeCoultre did develop a number of technical advancements, but we would have no hesitation in classifying the brand overall as a reactionary one, refining the ideas of others in its own inimitable style. Indeed, it was not until 1929 that Le Coultre produced its first wristwatch, at least fifteen years after the concept of a wrist worn timepiece had been widely adopted by the other grand marques and not until 1947 that the brand launched its first automatic movement, nearly two decades after such innovation had become commonplace elsewhere. But unquestionably, whatever Jaeger LeCoultre lacked in innovation, it made up for with the sheer quality of its work. Studying a Jaeger LeCoultre movement with a jeweller’s eyeglass is rather like reading a complicated book for a second time and noticing nuances that passed one by on first initial acquaintance. Every time the movement in this watch is examined closely, new aspects of its finish and construction quality catch the eye and one spots a hand polished screw, or carefully chamfered bearing housing that had previously gone unnoticed. Created in a decade when all the technical advancements that had been developed in World War II could be applied to civilian production, but before the advent of imported quartz movements that inevitably led to cost cutting in mechanical watches, this item, and others like it, are, in retrospect, as exceptional as one could ever hope to find. For the buyer purchasing simply of the basis of quality, he need look no further. Similarly, because these watches were, and are, so out of the ordinary and are unlikely to ever be equalled in the future, their value as investments is assured. In every respect, this watch is in very nice condition and with the high grade Bumper Automatic Calibre P813 it is among the ultimate purist’s choices from this era. Genuine vintage Jaeger LeCoultre wristwatches are certainly becoming increasingly difficult to source now, and it is with not some small amount of pride that we offer a hand picked selection of this famous Swiss company’s finest work from the golden age of mechanical watch making. With every year that goes by, we put more effort into hunting down an ever diminishing pool of watches like the one here. DIAL : The French white dial is entirely original and in a rare mint untouched condition. This is a fully signed item, with “Jaeger LeCoultre, Automatic, Swiss Made” proudly displayed above and below the dial centre point respectively. All signatures are printed in black in the company’s famous scripted typeface and remain crisp and clear. Most vintage watches from this era do have some legitimate discolouration to their dials, but this one is among the best we have purchased in the last year.The importance of both dial condition and originality cannot be overstressed to those buying as a serious investment. It is universally agreed that these factors typically account for over 40% of the value of any high level vintage watch, yet they are probably the two aspects most overlooked by novice buyers. Too often now, watches with original, but badly discoloured dials are represented both physically and online as having “attractive ageing” and recently restored dials are even more commonly sold as being in mint condition. There is a date indicator at 3:00 position. Very unique, the even date calendar days are printed in black while odd days are in white!The stylish Dauphine silver hands are entirely original. This elegant silver and white dial combination is delightful in the extreme, and very eye catching. The art deco spearhead markers are also matching in gleaming silver. The chrome plating on both the hands and the batons is in very nice condition and not in the least bit tarnished.For nearly twenty years now, connoisseurs of vintage wristwatches have sought out that rarest of breeds, the watch with an original dial in very nice or better condition and we would advise anyone buying for long term financial gain to do likewise. Watches that fall into this category, like the beautiful piece for sale here, are very difficult to source today, but well worth waiting for in terms of their future potential for capital enhancement. As enthusiasm for vintage wristwatches increases, as it does year after year, the value of very well preserved survivors by brands like Jaeger LeCoultre is assured and they will unquestionably appreciate at a far faster rate than their more average siblings. MOVEMENT : The movement used in this watch is Jaeger LeCoultre calibre P813, introduced in 1956 and a superb seventeen jewelled example of a classic bumper automatic. For those unfamiliar with the term, this describes the system of self-winding where, rather than having full 360 degree rotation as was later introduced, the watch is wound by means of an oscillating rotor than is only allowed to travel through 180 degree, being arrested by buffer springs that then bounce the rotor back in its original direction. These movements are enormously charismatic and when in use, the wearer can actually feel a distinct bumping sensation as the rotor hammers back and forth to wind the watch. Bumper automatics by the top tier Swiss makers were very reliable, but lacked the efficiency that could be achieved with rotor winding. Additionally, because of the extra costs involved in manufacturing these complicated calibres when compared to the far simpler 360 degree rotor units, production of the bumper automatic designs had almost universally ceased by the late 1950s. By the time the P813 was launched, it was already anachronistic when viewed in the context of the Swiss watch industry as a whole. Rolex had been producing rotor automatics since 1935 and Omega had just released its first rotor calibre, the 470, in 1955. Confirming the point made above, Jaeger LeCoultre’s use of a movement design that was already regarded as obsolete by most of the company’s competitors suggests again that the house policy was one of refining existing technology to perfection rather than breaking new ground. The Jaeger LeCoultre P813 is known to be one of the finest quality and best finished bumper automatic movements ever made, by any brand. “Jaeger LeCoultre, Fab. Swiss, Suisse” is signed on this unit, with the calibre number P813 stamped alongside the balance wheel. The movement is a hammer automatic, commonly called bumper, in this case is the 17 Jewels P813. It was the second bumper movement from JLC and it beats at a rare 19.800A/h. The individual serial number 1,318,502 is here which, falling between the two extremes of Jaeger LeCoultre production for that year of 1,300,000 and 1,350,000, informs us that this unit was manufactured in 1958. It always strikes us as remarkable how few movements Jaeger LeCoultre produced annually when compared to its competitors whose production volumes dwarfed those of the relatively small Le Sentier brand. This movement, like every other aspect of the watch, is entirely original and has no changed or altered parts whatsoever. This watch has clearly been a treasured possession of its past owner and has been regularly serviced with the result that the movement has no corrosion present whatsoever, and works very nicely. The standard of finishing is breath taking, with its entire upper surface decorated with wide Geneva stripes that were polished into the plates by hand with a rotating boxwood disk. Even the individual screw head slots have been mirror polished to perfection. Jaeger LeCoultre will still undertake the servicing of calibre P813 today at its Le Sentier factory, but be warned that while its quality of work is very high, it is also pricey. The reality is that despite its exotic finishing, this calibre is relatively simple and can be serviced perfectly well by any experienced local watch maker. CASE : The watch for sale here is a particularly large piece, with a total width of 36.50mm (35mm not counting the winding crown). The whole case, made of stainless steel, has an exquisite round shape and is in great condition, with only the slightest of imperfections that would be expected on any watch of this age. Externally, the case back is stamped with the individual case serial number, 746295. Internally, we find the case back stamped “Acier Inoxydable (the French term for Stainless Steel), LeCoultre Co, SWISS”. The three part case has been carefully crafted from 316L grade stainless steel, a particularly high grade that offers very high corrosion resistance and protection against marine and hostile industrial atmospheres. 316L is used in the aviation industry where it has traditionally found favour as a basis for propeller shafts. It should also be noted that the internal case back surface is beautifully pearled with a delightful engine turned pattern. Every time we have the pleasure of examining a vintage Jaeger LeCoultre, especially a 1950s or ‘60s piece, we are astounded and awed as to how much attention to detail the firm put into laboriously finishing parts of its watches that would never be seen by the vast majority of buyers. The manufacturers of cheap watches, both in the vintage era and today, have always concentrated their efforts on offering the most glamorous external appearance for the lowest price, but neglect the parts of the watch that will not influence the average retail buyer to make a purchase. Houses like Jaeger LeCoultre put so much more into these watches than most of their owners will ever realise and this pearled inside case back is just one of numerous examples of the spectacular internal finishing of this particular piece. CROWN: The original unsigned plain winding crown from Jaeger LeCoultre is present and in excellent condition. Notice how even the serrated edges of the stainless steel crown here are crisp and well defined, telling us that this piece has spent most its life locked in a safe for investment purpose. STRAP : We have fitted this watch with a nice Crocodile type leather grain black strap and silver tone pin-buckle that, while not being Jaeger LeCoultre items, are perfectly in keeping with the theme and chic look of the watch. Both the strap and buckle are in mint condition, having never been worn. This watch is obviously a rare piece from one of the very finest makers in the world. Twenty years ago, original Jaeger LeCoultre watches from the 1950s were already very difficult to find and today, they have virtually dried up entirely. The simple fact of the matter is that, quite understandably, those collectors who do own these kind of early automatic watches don’t see any reason to part with them in the present rapidly rising market. This particular watch is the ideal piece for anyone specifically looking for an European Jaeger LeCoultre with mint original dial powered with the much celebrated P813 bumper automatic movement for long term ownership. MEASURES APPROX: * Please take care to consider the dimensions of the watch case given in millimeters (the watch industry standard) and inches. Draw the measurements on paper to help visualize the watch on your wrist as vintage men’s watches from the 1910s to 1970s were made significantly smaller than contemporary watches.WIDTH WITH CROWN: 36.50 MM (1.44 INCHES)LENGTH: 39.80 MM (1.57 INCHES)WIDTH WITHOUT CROWN: 35 MM (1.37 INCHES)DEPTH: 10.60 MM (0.41 INCHES)LUGS: 18 MM (0.71 INCHES)BAND: 18 MM WIDE. Product Description Brand Jaeger LeCoultre. Bumper Automatic JLC Cal. P813 Condition Pre-owned in very nice condition. Gender Men’s. Case MaterialStainless Steel. Band MaterialCrocodile type leather grain, new, 18mm. Band ColorBlack.Dial French white dial in mint original condition. Date aperture at 3 o’clock. Signed “Jaeger LeCoultre, Automatic”, and “Swiss Made” along its very bottom edge.Movement Type Swiss made bumper automatic Jaeger LeCoultre high grade Cal. P813. Signed “Jaeger LeCoultre, Fab. Suisse, Swiss”. Serviced in February 2016, in strong working condition. Hands Case Back The attractive silver Dauphine hands are in very nice condition and original to the watch. Stainless steel. Case Width36.50 mm with crown. Case Length39.80 mm with the lugs. Case Thickness10.60 mm with glass.Crown Stainless steel, original unsigned plain winding crown from Jaeger LeCoultre. Age 1958. Crystal Good condition. Hand IndicatorsHour, Minute, second.Comments A very desirable S. Steel Jaeger LeCoultre in early automatic format, with mint original dial and rare P813 high grade bumper automatic movement. Other InfoNo Box. No Papers. !!! NOTE that the JLC blackboard tag price and the white wooden box seen on some pictures aren’t for sale at this time. !!! Important : L’étiquette JLC visible sur les photos ainsi que le coffret de présentation en cuir blanc ne sont pas disponibles à la vente. “FINE PRINT “: PLEASE READ, UNDERSTAND, AND ACCEPT THE FOLLOWING PRIOR TO BIDDING: Please have funds available and be prepared to make immediate payment upon close of auction. Less than 5 feedbacks, please email us prior to bidding. Those who accept our policies always have a great eBay experience when doing business with us. All items carefully described to the best of our ability. Please ask all questions prior to bidding on this item. This is the “inspection” period just like a live auction. Please do not save questions untill the last minute as they may not be able to be answered in time. We usually respond to emails within 2 hours.A NOTE ABOUT GOLD CONTENT: Whenever a claim is made as to metal or karat purity, it has been verified by jeweler’s hallmarks or tested to industry standards. We unconditionally guarantee the content stated in our descriptions. We will specify if an item is not solid gold.We never guarantee that any of the watches we sell are waterproof or water resistant unless the watch is “Brand New” and manufactured to be as such. Since we primarily sell pre-owned wristwatches, we have no way to be certain whether the watch has retained the original waterproofing or resistance it may have had when new. SHIPPING INFORMATION: OUR SHIPPING PRICE INCLUDES THE FULL AMOUNT OF INSURANCE, WHICH IS THE FINAL WINNING BID AMOUNT. Items will be posted on receipt of cleared funds, INSURED TO COVER YOUR FULL PURCHASE PRICE AND SHIPPED INTERNATIONALLY WITH SIGNATURE REQUIRED AND TRACKING NUMBER. Please understand that we have no control over delays or costs once your watch is shipped due to your country’s customs or laws. PAYMENT INFORMATION: Payment is due upon close of auction. We accept payment by paypal only. In accordance with eBay policy, payments not received in two days will initiate an unpaid item case through the Resolution Center. Additional InformationAll watches have been thoroughly examined and authenticated by Roger, our French certified master-watchmaker. Pictures are of the actual item.About UsWe specialize in the fine vintage wristwatch business for over three decades. We are based in Paris, France, Arizona, USA, but also in Moscow, Russia, and Malta, Europe. We have commonly satisfied customers from all over the world, so please check our Ebay store !Our watches are carefully inspected for their authenticity and good function. Due to some of our wristwatches age it is reasonable that some wear might be visible. When this occurs it will be noted in the object’s description and pictures. Nevertheless, if you have any questions on an item you are considering of purchasing please don’t hesitate to contact us. !!! WE VALUE OUR REPUTATION !!! We strive for 5/5 star service : if you feel that it is any less, please contact us – we are here to help keep you completely satisfied.To help better serve our customers and for us to maintain our high ratings we ask anybody that has a question about condition, pictures, shipping or payments please email us with any question and we will work with you to save you as much as we can and make all transactions smooth and to your liking. We thank you in advance for your business and help in making our business successful. Attention International Bidders: You may be responsible for additional customs fees, duties, etc, imposed by your country. PLEASE READ BEFORE BIDDING! AUCTION TERMS: If you have any questions, please ask before bidding! We try our best to describe our merchandise as honestly and completely as we can, but it is your decision to bid or not. So PLEASE make sure you can live with the purchase “AS IS” before bidding! We do all we can to pack the items securely. We will cheerfully combine shipping and use the lightest best material to pack your items in. !!! Few easy steps to keep your fine vintage watch in rude health:- Winding any mechanical watch tight may break the mainspring. If you can avoid it do not wind the watch hard.- When adjusting the hands of your watch, move them in a clockwise direction only. Counter-clockwise adjustments may damage the movement.- If you must adjust counter-clockwise make it for small adjustments only (i.e. for minutes, NOT hours).- Antique watches generally experience an error of up to 5 minutes a day. Any accuracy of +- 5 minutes is very good.- High altitude flights can be hard on watches due to extreme temperature changes. This can cause the oil viscosity to decrease (gum up) and prevent a watch from ticking (the balance moving freely etc.). It may need to be oiled when it arrives regardless of its recent servicing (if applicable). Although this is only a very slight possibility it can occasionally happen.Please bear in mind that you are buying a used watch and it will require service at some point in time.If you have any questions after reading the description or viewing the pictures please email me prior to bidding. Look for our Ebay item number : 282112692838 Pristine Automatic Memovox Alarm in Jumbo size! European full Jaeger LeCoultre Signature JLC Ref. E855, Calibre K825 Ending on August 7th, 13h15 PDT Look for our Ebay item number : 282121135259 Pristine 18K Solid Gold IWC Limited “De Luxe” Edition Mint Original Dial, Rare IWC Calibre 401 Ending on Sunday August 14th, 13:23 PDT Look for our Ebay item number : 272312032531 Jaeger LeCoultre Memovox Calendar Alarm Ref. 2676-1-910/911 Calibre K911 Ending on Sunday August 14th, 13:29 PDT !!! JOIN OUR 355 FOLLOWERS ON EBAY to keep the watch passion ticking on and check out our Ebay Watch Store for more hard to find vintage IWC and Jaeger LeCoultre fine watches !


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